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From Hector Castillo

Innovative Surface Restoration

Santa Maria Ca.



I got a call for a sealing job.


The job turns out to be a request for repair.


The counter top was installed very fast.

The manager say there is a big a gap in the counter top.

I found the counter can be moved with one hand at the joint by pushing with my hand on one slab and the other with my  thumb.

Slabs are not level.

They don’t want to have them removed and installed a 2nd time.

How can I  rod them and or  install a 2nd support  and where do you buy the supports or do I move the support over? About 8”?

I don’t know if there are 2x4 or metal beams.

This is for the front desk and the back desk needs support at the wall for the beam under the desk that run to the wall.

If I rod them how do you do this in there office and which tools do you need?

I hope the web site link works


Hector Castillo