We have done a bunch of epoxy terrazzo-I find the the right diamonds and also some diamond impregnated fiber pads do a pretty good job on that type of material. Powder polishing doesn't seem to do much-maybe a little bit but not worth the time. The crystallizer seems to work well after running diamonds up to 3000 or probably higher. Try adding some tin oxide to the crystallizer it works pretty well.(freds tip)
I have not tried MB-22 on epoxy terrazzo yet-not sure it would work.
We have been having very good experiences with the MB-22 on cementious terrazzo along with light and dark marbles.
As far as sealing not sure you could after crystallizing or even before. I havent seen stains in this material as we have a building that has epoxy terrazzo countertops and they just seem to get worn or etched. I havent seen them stain however. I maintain a few of those floors and we have never sealed them. Wouldnt hurt if they paid you and you applied properly without getting streaks however.
I think once you crystallize it repels any potential staining. Applying sealer over wax may not work too well anyway.

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 5:56 PM, Jason Francis <jfrancis@marbleglow.com> wrote:
There has been good discussion on terrazzo lately, and I thought I would keep it going........

Still on epoxy terrazzo job as mentioned before, 3k SF(white with white mix).  Because its epoxy, does it really need an impregnator? Obviously, it would be for the marble. Is this time well spent? 

I have run the diamonds up to 800 and plan on light crystallizing as the epoxy is much more reflective than the marble. I wasnt gonna powder polish, because I have all these grills and metal to work around, and it it looks good without it. However, Stu, would MB-22 be a good choice if I were to do a powder polish? If it pops the stones that much better than the crytallizer I could do both.

Thanks guys.




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