We have light colored epoxy and cement based terrazzo in our training center and we can get a great shine and finish after 400 diamonds and if we want some additional shine then lightly and I mean lightly crystallize the floor.


The biggest mistake on terrazzo is that everyone want to start honing terrazzo and a 120 or 220. If the terrazzo has never been at a natural polish the stone needs to be started at a least a 50 grit the then honed up. Over years of  stripping and waxing floors on cement based terrazzo floor the cement will break become lower than the marble chips and you need to get the marble chips and the cement honed down to the same level. If you don’t achieve a good cut on the first grind you can hone as high as you want and you will never get the great finish you want .


On epoxy terrazzo normally the installer left the floor at a 80 to 120 grit  and to achieve the great shine and clarity on the terrazzo you need to make first cut the most important cut to achieve the great shine and clarity. If the first cut does not remove all the scratches left from the installer you will never achieve the finish you are looking for.



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There has been good discussion on terrazzo lately, and I thought I would keep it going........


Still on epoxy terrazzo job as mentioned before, 3k SF(white with white mix).  Because its epoxy, does it really need an impregnator? Obviously, it would be for the marble. Is this time well spent? 


I have run the diamonds up to 800 and plan on light crystallizing as the epoxy is much more reflective than the marble. I wasnt gonna powder polish, because I have all these grills and metal to work around, and it it looks good without it. However, Stu, would MB-22 be a good choice if I were to do a powder polish? If it pops the stones that much better than the crytallizer I could do both.


Thanks guys.






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