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First you need to hone the floor using concrete diamonds. If you have a smooth trowel finish you can probably start with a 220 grit. If there is a texture or broom finish you will need to start lower.

After the 220 grit then apply the concrete densfilier . I prefer Chem Tec One . you can get this from Stonecare central

Apply the densflier onto the concrete and keep it wet for 1 hour , using a broom to brush the product into the concrete. If the densiflier start to dry add some water to keep it wet

After 1 hour vac up the remaining densflier

Then using a finish mop apply a thin coat of densflier onto the the concrete and allow to set over night.

The next morning come back and hone up 400, 800 or 1800 depending upon the shine.


Want more shine allow the floor to dry for one or two days and then crystallize the concrete and you will have a great Shine.



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What are the steps you used to polish the concrete? I was thinking about polishing my basement floor.





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You are in the right track. First strip off the wax / coating that has been applied. Then if possible find out what grit the finish at from the installer. Most installer will leave the terrazzo anywhere from a 80 grit to a 120 grit.


Depending upon where the installer left the finish this will be you starting point.


Apply the densifier after your 220 hone and then hone up to the customer is looking for. High gloss is going to be 800 hone.


After you are finished then I would apply  Stone Care Central Solvent based Impregnation Sealer. I polished the concrete in my brother’s trucking garages and after we polished the concrete then sealed with an the Stone care Central Solvent sealer , that was 4 or 5 years ago and the garage is auto scrubbed at least once weekly and it concrete looks great and is not stain form the spills from diesel fuel, oils , grease etc.


So in this case I would recommend the solvent based sealer .



John E Freitag


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It seems like this topic has come up before.....


Same job with 2k of exterior white cement terrazzo......


Keep this in mind...The terrazzo floor on this job cost the owner $300K. The contractors put acrylic sealer on top everywhere, even outside where it is exposed to the elements. It looked horrible. I still cant believe they would put acrylic outside. Anyways, I have to strip it all off, run a grit or two and densify. Should it be sealed? with an impregnator? My gut says no,  but the client is concerned with potential staining on a white floor. I want the floor to breathe. Any topicals worth looking in to?



Thanks for your thoughts.





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