I normally tell customers on warm climates like Florida and California that exterior stones need to be cleaned and sealed at least every 12 to 18 months



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Hi Mike


I see this problem all the time in florida. I let people know to expect it. I let them know it oxidizes from being exposed to the different elements outside. I personally think most of the oxidization comes from the UV Rays. Just like a cars paint job does over time setting outside. You might ask if the ever use chlorine to kill mold, that will intensify oxidation. 


My last pool area I did paid $2,200.00. I decided to offer, if done within 1 year the cost would be $1,500.00. They accepted this offer.  I will continue to make these offers because it will be a problem they will need to overcome in the future and I can be the solution, They give me the problem- I give them a discount its a win win situation.


 Unless they opt to expand the roof over the whole area. :(



On Jun 4, 2012, at 9:43 PM, Mike Marsoun wrote:

Sorry, no photos but I looked at a job I did a few months ago (flatten to 800ao hone) with a very dense marble from Greece that is (for lack of a better phrase) “oxidized”. All areas that are not under roof are turning light, as it if it were etched. When it is rubbed with a finger there is a chalk residue. This residue washes off but to fully remove it takes some abrasive action, I did a small sample with a 800 grit Spinflex pad. I have seen this problem a lot with limestone and especially travertine. I think it is just a natural erosion, like a “micro-spalling”   this is not from the pool water, but from rain water, it is not so smoggy here, so I don’t know if it would be acid-rain, but it could be. Any insight to this problem?  Any solutions?? They don’t want it to return.  

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