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We had a class and one of the draw backs to the application was the odor from the product. There was another issue with the final gloss finish that we were able to overcome..

The manufacturer of the product is working on a water based application of this product that will not have the odor. This is not yet available.


All the oter coating I see  a failing unless you apply a topical coating. If you are looking for a sealer that will give some additional protection you may want to try Stone Glamor from Sparks Industries. This product has an odor but will leave fairly soon after application depending upon the area you are sealing. This is  a topical coating.



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I have been asked to restore a limestone used  in a commercial bar. I have heard about that coating that will protect the stone. Not fan of coatings, but in this case it may be appropriate. Please see the attached picture. Can some direct me to where I can find out more about that program? I recall John was offering a class a while back on using such a protective coating.



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