Mr. Barry:

If you use unsanded grout (this won't shine) used for low sheen or matt finishes

Brand name: Prospec  /  Color Name: Travertine for medium colored filling

Brand name: Prospec /  Color Name: Cafe for darker colored filling

Brand name: Tec /  Color Name: Corn Silk for lighter colored fillings

Epoxy we use Tenex buff color

On Jun 13, 2012, at 2:08 PM, Barry Raduta wrote:

Hello Partners,
Please advise me on the the best (most natural looking ) light and dark travertine filler available.  I have used Traverfill light and it looked more like a patch and not a natural part of the stone.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Thank You,
Barry V Raduta
Diamond Stone & Tile Care-South

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