When I remove lippage I use the marble metal lippage tool 40 or 50 grit and then the 100 grit metal lippage tool then back to my 50 resins ,120 220  and so on.

I always use triple thick from Stonecare central,   over the years I have found these diamond to give me the most sq  ft  from the pads.  I do not prefer the rosette diamonds I  find these diamond to break too easily.


As I always tell everyone you can try anything you like , but when the results don’t come out as good then switch back to what gave you the results.  Personally I use what I know will work and get me off the jiob . if I’m going to experiment I will do that in my training center and not on a job site



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From: Freddie DeJesus []
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Subject: [sccpartners] Which diamonds to use?


Hi Partners

I will be working on a travertine floor that has lippage. Which metal from SCC would you recommend to remove the lippage that works the best?  Please refer to the attachment. 

Which pad would you recommend for honing from SCC that works the best? Please refer to the attachment.


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