The diamond size is not that important whether it 3 inch or 4 inch , just buy a good diamond. In reality the  cost per sq ft 3 inch or 4 inch does not make that big of difference. I per the 3 inch triple thik , this is what we use in or service business on  every job.  The diamond cost will not be more than 2 to 3 cents per sq ft.

I would be more concerned with the productivity of my technical than the cost of diamonds or any supply. You labor cost will range from 55 to 75 cents per sq ft  and your total material cost should not be more than 18 to 22 cents per sq ft.


There is more to be gained by improving productivity.




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one inch   lol


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It would be more surface area which would require more down pressure. You can save money by getting the 4" then cut them in half and you need half as many and a 4" half is very close to a full 3".  

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