I will assume you are asking for the average based upon the equipment you currently have. The amount of footage will also depend on how many hours per day you are on a job site, 8 , 9 or more. How many breaks are taken , are you leaving the job site for lunch all of those items will affect the productivity. I guys that go to the job site for 8 hours but take 2 to 3 breaks per day leave the job site for an hour or more for lunch , do in reality the production time on an 8 hour jobs is only about 6 hours once you consider everything.


If you are using a 17 inch floor machine with a 17 drive plate doing a 220, 400  and a polish you can achieve 30 to 40 square feet per hour. The amount of sq. ft. completed each day will depend upon the hours you actually work on the job. Want to increase your productivity by 30 % with minimum investment increase the size of your drive plate and pads you polish with.


Hope this answers your question.



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Curious on how many sq.ft. per day other can hone and polish in one day. 220/ 400 / Powder Polish to high gloss- Marble - residential and fairly open areas.  Looking to see how I compare !





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