Unfortunately I am not a closer right on the spot. I would rather e-mail them the bid. I like your assumption of that it is a done deal ! 

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Specifically, statistics say that you are 75% more likely to close the sale when you are there. On the other hand, on commercial bids, you seldom have that kind of opportunity. So, I would email the bid and mention in the closing of the email that I will be calling them in 1, 2, 3, or however many days to follow up. Answer any questions and hopefully schedule the work. Then either you, or a member of your staff do just that. Also, when I call back to follow up, I generally act is if the deal is closed. "Hi, this is Paul calling from Boston Stone Restoration, I  am just calling to follow up on the proposal I sent and to schedule the work."
I still would rather get the contract signed and hopefully a deposit, on the first visit.
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I would write up the bid when I am at the home And give the client the price, all statistics say the chances of closing the deal while in the home face to face are much better


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What do you say?
I e-mail out all my bids to prospective customers. I am looking for advice on what to say on follow up calls once they hopefully receive the bids. That is in respect to closing the deal.
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