I would suggest you use dry screens to avoid this problem. If you want to polish the limestone you can try a high speed burnisher with a monkey pad

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 2:22 PM, Freddie DeJesus <> wrote:
Hello partners,
    I wanted to get your opinions on grinding and honing on a limestone floor that the sub-structure is wire lath on top of plywood. The limestone is chipping because of defection on the floor. The sub-structure was not reinforced properly before the installation of the limestone. This limestone is very porous and I worry that when grinding and honing, the limestone will absorb the water into the plywood, and cause problems such as warping. Anyone ever have any problems with this? I know to keep the water to a minimum, but its limestone, its like honing a sponge.  

Wilfredo DeJesus
Elite Flooring Inc.

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