Oops-sorry yes jamie is right diamond impregnated pads-we use 220/400 grit from cps-they are concrete pads but work well in place of honing powder. They seem faster and easier to use to remove picture frames. We can run them befor our 220 cut or between 220 and 400 diamonds.They also work well in honing applications.

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I think he means diamond impregnated pads, Twister, Monkey, etc pads. 

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 Can you explain this a little better "use coarse fiber pads to remove picture frames"
Thank you
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I think it has to do with surface pressure-15 cu in compared to 12 cu in  of cutting surface. Theoretically 4 would cut better,they will also wear faster. Cant say I have noticed any difference in finishes whether you run five or four diamonds. I like to run four diamonds on our machines even on larger pad drivers.For me its just easier to place four diamonds on the pad driver than five. Our machines run about 130/135 lbs we run spacers on our diamonds and use coarse fiber pads to remove picture frames.
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Tony ,


There is really no  difference, I prefer the cut you get with 5 pad .


Why do you want to weight your machine. Are you cutting lippage? This si the only time I recommend weight and then I only recommend 20 to  25 pounds depending upon the stone.


In normal honing, by adding weight will do two things,  1. Wear out diamond faster diamonds are made to cut weight wears out diamonds. 2 you will increase the amount of picture framing.



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I have been hearing that using 4 3 inch diamond resin pads cuts faster than 5.  Is this true and why?  Also does anyone have any ideas on how to make your own weighted plate for a floor machine?

Stu Rosen