It also sounds like you didnt work the powder long enough assuming there is no coating on the stone

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 7:04 AM, stuart rosen <> wrote:
Could be a few different things-is the table top a slab from a fabricator or is it a store bought(Lowe's,furniture shop,or something that has been imported). If it was fabricated here more likely than not there is no coating and depending on the diamonds you may have left in some scratches that you need to remove and re polish.
Sometimes if you rush through a cut you can end up with scratches that you may n
However-It sounds like you are working on a table that was purchased from a furniture store and has a coating on it like John says.
Was the top etched or just appeared worn and scratched?
Is it a lamination?
Did you check it with a razor blade?-sometimes these coatings can be tricky to detect.
Did the stone turn gray when dry and suck up water when you cut it?
Anyway too late for all of that-go back and bring some sandpaper-80 grit/120g/220g.
Start with 220 and cut a small area(test) to see if that will get you to the actual surface of the stone.Go deeper if needed .
If you hit stone with the 220 then chances are it was a honing/polishing issue and you can do the top over again-maybe use a different set of diamonds this time. The sandpaper will reveal to you what is going on and if you have a coating issue. If you do then find the most efficient way to remove it without making dust-some of these coatings are chemical resistant. Hopefully it wont be too thick.

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 12:17 AM, Me <> wrote:
Are you sure there is not a coating on the table?  Did you generate slurry while honing? ? It there is a coating on the top you may have finished diamond honing with a nice shine but the 5 x would not have polished and the steel wool using a number 1 grade would have put scratches in the finish. Also the 5 x would have dill the shine due to the abrasive grit in the powder.

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[sccpartners] Negro Marquina table top

Started work today on a negro table top.
Ran the diamonds from 220 thru 1800. Made sure to do excellent clean up between grits. Checked all pads for residue before starting each grit. Also checked the stone between grits for random scratches that may have been left from the previous grit. After each cut I found none. After 1800, polished with 5X which gave a nice polish but lacked a little consistency and pop. Tried to correct this with crystalizer but the steel wool left scratches behind. Then tried some black color enhancer. when I finished applying it, I saw scratches (like 400 grit scratches) that were previously not visible at all. What am I missing ???
I know that this is a soft stone, but I have never had this problem polishing it.

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