We have a Lavina as well-works great on terrazzo and concrete.
Need good 220 power to run it.
Of course with any machine there are always pros and cons but Lavina makes a nice machine.
I don't use it on marble jobs very often-It isn't rigid enough
It has flexible heads which follow the contour of terrazzos and concrete floors.
We like swing machines for marble jobs 

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 8:30 PM, john jackson <kcstoneguy@yahoo.com> wrote:
my Lavina goes up to 1400 rpm..we hone at 400 rpm, then raise it to 800 rpm once we start polishing..800 grit and above we crank it, all done wet..We are doing mostly commercial so dont have to tape. If there is a chance of damage, we hold a thin sheet of plexi glass to prevent any splashing..the lavina doesnt splash  really anyway, unless the floor is uneven. i used the 20 in lavina.

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I recall from past message feeds that a lot of you liked using higher rpm machines when polishing terrazzo. How high of an rpm do you recommend?


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