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In most cases in the concrete has a good smooth finish on it you can start with a 220 grit CONCRETE diamond. Do not use marble or granite diamonds.


Complete your 220 grit cut.

Then apply a concrete densifier to the concrete. Keep the surface wet for at 45 to 60 minutes. Use a push broom to move the product around.

After the 45 to 60 minutes then vac up the remaining densifier.

Then using a finish mop,  a mop used to apply wax coating to floors and lightly mop on a thin coat of the concrete densifier . allow to cure overnight.

The next day come back and start honing at 400 then 800.

Determine the shine you want to achieve.

You can go as high as 1800 


When honing use the same tiing method as you do for marble.  For more productivity you can use a 22 inch drive plate and do a 3 x 5 area for the same time instead of the 2x 5 area.


I find that 800 to 1800 is the shines the customer is looking for.


If you are in an areas that you are concerned about staining allow the concrete to dry overnight and then apply the StoneCare Central Solvent  based sealer.


Should you have additional questions please advise.



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John, would you give me a quick refresher on how we polished the concrete at your school.



Tony Warney

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