Cool, thanks John.

On Sep 23, 2012 10:47 AM, "john jackson" <> wrote:
i agree with Michael..dont sweat it.

From: Michael Marsoun <>
To: Stone and Tile PROS Technical Support <>
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2012 7:44 PM
Subject: RE: [sccpartners] Crystallizing

Most of the problems are with OVER crystallizing. I would not lose any sleep over it. When it needs tone done again it will grind off. 

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On 23/09/2012, at 7:02 AM, Freddie DeJesus <> wrote:

Hi Fred and John,
I saw Fred's video on crystallizing. I polished a creama marfil floor in the beginning of this year and applied one coat of crystallizer. All the products that I used came from from SCC. The customer is a good friend, and now I am worried that the floor could have some problems in the future, such as spalling or other issues. What do you think? Should I repolish the floor with 5X? Will polishing just with 5X remove it? Will the floor be ok if I leave it alone? The job is on the first floor in a house in South Florida.The hallway I did 3 coats because of high traffic area.

Wilfredo DeJesus
Elite Flooring Inc.

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