Here is what I want in a stone enhancer:


1.    The enhancer MUST have a low evaporation rate. I live in a dry hot climate and the product must be allowed to dwell without evaporating; radiant floor heating is also becoming more common in residential construction.

2.    The enhancer MUST have a viscosity suitable to keep the enhancer in place while dwelling , if I put in on one tile and it want to run into the grout joints or on other surfaces its useless. I don’t have time to sit and watch it ……

3.    The enhancer MUST do what its suppose to do…. rejuvenates the color and appearance of worn and weathered dense stone.

4.    The enhancer MUST be easy to cleanup with a cotton towel without leaving smear marks.

5.    The enhancer MUST be competitively priced $150 per gallon, Aqua Mix wants $216 a gallon for Enrich N Seal …… not cost effective.

6.    The enhancer MUST have a reasonable life expectancy …… 3 – 5 years.

7.    The enhancer MUST cover 1000 – 1500 square feet per coat, depending on type, porosity, and texture of surface; temperature; humidity; and method of application.

8.    The enhancer should also be a sealer so it can be used as a release for grouting.

9.    The enhancer should be able to be used on interior & exterior surfaces at various temperatures.


I’ve used Aqua Mix Stone Enhancer, One master Marble Enhancer, This Old Grout & Stone Enhancer, Stone Techs Stone Enhancer, Miracle Seals Enhance & Seal, and more….


The best enhancer I’ve used is Aqua Mix Stone Enhancer …… NOT Enrich N Seal


I WOULD like to be a tester for the need Stone Pro Signature Stone Enhancer.


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Joe Walters

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From: Troy Lewis []
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We are developing our own Stonecare PRO Signature Enhancing Sealer and are looking for input and testers.


Our initial feedback is the 3 things you consider when selecting an enhancing sealer are: 

We are looking for suggestions as to which sealers are being used and work the best based on your experience.

We are striving to have a complete line of products that outshine everything else in the market at the deepest possible discount for our SCC Partners and we can't do it without your input.


We also want to know what diamonds you are using. If there are any diamonds you find yourself using on a regular basis that StoneCare Central does not carry, we need to know. The objective here is to be able to supply the partners with all supplies and materials needed to get the job done at the deepest discounted price.


I would like to invite you to review the changes that have been made to in an effort to make finding what you are looking for quicker and easier. Some progress has been made, however we are still optimizing the site and would like your feedback on what you are looking for any suggestions you have for the StoneCare Central website.


Please reply with your Sealer suggestions, Diamond selection, and feedback to



Troy Lewis

Partner Support

StonePRO Solutions

ph#: (888) 452-0988




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