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On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Tony Warney <tony@excelstoneandtilecare.com> wrote:
Stu, what is the proper way to use MB-12?

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 6:33 AM, stuart rosen <mail@stoneshine.com> wrote:
MB-22 is a wet polishing powder that is used similar to 5x but the splatters wont cause any etching so you don't have to protect adjacent areas with a with a neutral layer. It can also be pushed to the next area to be polished with worrying about etching.
It wont etch surfaces it is left on or dripped on. It works well on walls,marbles,some serpentines and terrazzos.
It can be run all wet or wet to dry on counter tops and will polish well with less of a learning curve than MB-12.
Any standard floor machine can run this compound.
MB-12 is a dry polishing compound with is incredibly effective when you have gone through the pain of learning to use it.
Anyone who has mastered it knows what I mean. Of course once you get it you can really get amazing results using it.
On counter tops using a white pad and makita you can get spectacular results quickly and efficiently without the mess of wet powders.
Works great in shower stalls as well. Once you have product buildup on the pad polishing becomes very effective as the product is reactivated with water.
 I always tell people to start using it on counter tops to understand how it works than make the transition to floors.
 It will take a little longer to get used to using it on floors especially if you have only used 5X.
You will use considerably less product with MB-12 and save a good amount of time.
The cleanup can be much less as well.
Besides the learning curve to use this compound properly you need a stronger machine then your average 1.5 hp floor machine(2 disadvantages).
A 2.5 Samich lotus or Klindex chroma will power thru the buildup on the pad and can deliver excellent results. Also the new samich 2.5 comes with a motor better suited for the American market. It also now has a standard clutch.  
MB-12 will work on any marble and serpentines. I don't like it on terrazzo and Nero marquina. I use 5x on those.
Other than that it can be used on any marble,limestone ,travertine and serpentines.

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 8:03 PM, Freddie DeJesus <info@eliteflooringandrefinishing.com> wrote:
Hi partners,
What is the difference between MB 12 and MB 22? Which is better and why? Which stone's should  MB 12 not be used? Which stones MB 22 should not be used?

Wilfredo DeJesus
Elite Flooring Inc.

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