Can I assume this might be a engineered stone, seeing it a quartzite product? If so then I would recommend the following

Clean the hole with denatured alcohol , do not use acetone if this is a engineered stone as the acetone could affect the resin in the materials

1.       Once the area is cleaned you to get the right color you could use one of the many polyester fills on the market

2.       I probably would recommend using a clear and adding color to match the color you are looking  for.

3.       Or you could use a sharpie the color you need then fill the area using a clean polyester fill the color will come through the fill.

4.       Once you fill the area then you can use a single edge razor blade to scrape off the excess materials, be careful not to scratch the surface.

5.       Or you could hone off the excess but this leads to more work finishing and blending the area to the rest of the material.

The success of this repair depends  upon your ability to match colors and work with the polyester fills. I like the clear products they usually do not yellow. You can use either a knife grade or a flowing grade material , base upon your comfort level working with these products.

If I can be of any other assistance, please advise

John Freitag

The Stone and Tile School



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Greetings, I need to do some repairs that will require filling/ patching on some white w/green tint quartzite and wanted to hear what you think is the best filler to use, something that will not cure yellow. any advise would be very appreiciated.


Stephen Webb
808 280-7387


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