First I would go into the shower and wash down the wall trying to rinse off as much of the sand as possible. Careful do not rub the surface as you could scratch the surface if you try to rub or scrub off the sanded grout.

After you have rinse off the walls and if there is still a grout film on the surface then I would try to re-polish the surface using 5x polishing powders. This should correct your problem unless the stone had been etched by the installer using a grout release to clean off the walls. If a grout release was used the walls could be etched and could require diamond honing.



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From: James Billeaudeau [mailto:james@diamondmarblepolishing.com]
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Looked at a 3 month old marble shower installation (light emperador) with 11' high walls installed with a sanded grout.  Everything above the 6' level has a heavy dried sand grit on the marble face and lots of heavy streaks running down the face as well, bottom 6' not much better but no streaking and less sand grit present.  Looks like a very poor clean up job.  Testing with alkaline cleaner was negative.  Any suggestions on how to remove and salvage?  Homeowner is NOT happy with contractor, and looking for solution short of tear down.




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