You could try a natural soy based product/stripper from Franmar.

On Feb 14, 2013, at 1:45 PM, PJ Raduta <> wrote:

Hey partners,

A client wants me to strip varnish off of an old slate bar top. He understands that I am going to have to use some heavy-duty chemicals to eat through the old varnish, but would prefer that I do not use anything overly potent out of concern for his house. :)

When faced with removing varnish like this, what is your go-to product? I know I could use methylene chloride, but I am hoping I can find some other product or version of mc that is less intense and will not damage the stone. There were some parts where the brown varnish already wore off, which gives me hope. 

Let me know what you think,
PJ Raduta
Diamond Stone and Tile Care
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