We have so many idiots that have came into the stone care/restoration field and have screwed up floors that we are constantly ask for referrals when we are giving residential quotes.
When we are giving commercial quotes we just give building that we are maintaining and let them contact the property manager, they know each other anyway.
Thank you
Carl Staples
Classic Marble & Stone Restoration
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i give out trade references, like projects i have worked on or designers I work with. I hardly ever ever give out specific personal references. This is one reason I dont like advertise, my business is based primarily on referral based marketing. I have found years ago that in stone, the first thing people do is contact the fabricator , tile shop or design store and ask them who to use. I do have a specific list of customers in certain exclusive subdivisions, and they all know each other that i can mention.

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Hi guys,

Most contractor associations, etc. urge consumers to ask contractors for references. In fact, even in our own sites and articles we have written say the same thing.  It is a very good idea to have a list of people (it doesn't need to be a very long list) and their contact information readily available and it could be the very thing that sets you apart from your competition at times.

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Have a really good website with a lot of photos from YOUR own jobs. 

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Roger Konarski wrote:

 Once in a while I get a request for references. I don’t not like bothering past clients to be used as a potential   reference.
How do you handle request for references,   Any suggestions would be appreciated  on how to handle request for references when you really don’t want or feel it is necessary to provide references.

Deborah Shaw

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