Hi Guys,
I need a yes or no from each of you that do tile installation / restoration so please take a minute to read this.
We have a new Partner in an entirely new category. (We've added stone and tile shops to our Partner categories in stoneandtilepros.com.)
Our new Partner is South Texas Saltillo Connection - Melanie Ocana is her name. (Look for her here on our discussion group and welcome her when you see her.) They sell saltillo, talavera tile, etc. They sell at wholesale prices and ship globally.
As you know we are always looking for ways to promote and support our Partners and have developed and continue to develop some great links for all. Melanie and I were talking and came up with an idea that is great for them and each of the participating Partners. 
We are going to add a Care / Installation page to her website (www.saltillotileconnection.com). On that page we're going to list Installation, Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration Contractors that know this type of tile. Our participating Partners will be listed. In exchange, if we could put a link to her site on your site everyone wins!
Interested? Email me at admin@stoneprosolution.com
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