You can use crystallization for the final step. Wondering if they plan to seal first or just allow all those nasty chemicals to impregnate. It is much easier than 5x polishing but they will have to hit it pritty hard to pop a shine unless they hone to 3000. It depends on the fluid. Most likely the grout will also get discolored. Much better for newbs to use Diaglo than crystallization. Or the Cheetahs, I hear roumers that works well.

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On 03/08/2013, at 6:21 AM, "Don Depue" <> wrote:

Good afternoon Partners,


I am providing a proposal for scratch removal, polishing and sealing for a commercial property.  I am bidding it with the intent to use diamonds to remove scratches and set-up a factory like shine and to finish with 5X to create the pop.


A competitor is providing the following scope of work to the client:


H/P: Stone-Hone Polish; Diamond hone to remove scratches and abrasions to best possible condition, polish and crystalize surface to a uniform finish.


I understand what crystalizing is and how it is achieved. I also know the look it creates.


What are the reasons a stone restoration company would utilize crystallization after removing scratches ?  Is it a faster procedure than utilizing 5X ?


My reason for asking is…….I am wondering if the other restoration company is taking short cuts in order to reduce labor and therefore provide a more competitive price.



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