Here's another thought. I spoke with someone recently that had recently left the military. He suggested going to Reserves offices and posting notices and talking to people. He explained that people coming out of the military are looking for direction and opportunities. After years of being told what to do when and having very regimented lives, they are hit with culture shock. I think it is worth a shot.

Everyone is telling me finding good help is almost impossible. I just had this conversation with someone else this morning.

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I hear that brother. I went through 8 guys in 5 months. They averaged 15.00 to 25.00 per hr.

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I can tell you that most workers suck!!! It sometimes doesn't matter what you pay them most of them are just out there for the dollar. We have used craigslist and also tried trade schools for kids right out if school.

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Really, no body besides Debbie and Dayron (thanks guys) wants to chime in? or all of you have the same problem and can't help? 
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Adam, getting the right people is tough.    Right now I have a great crew, pay them well and I give bonuses for finishing ahead of schedule, being on time,

Deborah Shaw

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