Thank you Eric,
Interesting Story-
The customer hired us on the spot as they were in a bind-wanted to give us the deposit right away.
Always worry when they don't want to give you a deposit or when they want to give you one on the spot!!
We wouldn't commit to the job until I went and did a mock up. For two reasons- the customer just had a really bad experience with the company that couldn't get the floor finished. The other reason was to make sure my pricing was correct and that I could ensure predictable results.
Predictable results mean everything in our business.
The mock up went well and we finalized the job on Sunday.
Customer was on us and wanted the job completed by Thursday-lot of pressure and phone calls-had to postpone my other jobs to accommodate this customer. I don't normally do that but I told the other customers what was happening and they actually worked with us to reschedule. 
Then our new customer told us we would have to work alongside the painters. Then they said the painters were going to come after hours and we weren't to damage the paint. Then they wanted to know if we could work thru the night to meet the schedule. Then they wanted to tell us what sections of the floor we should be doing.
None of this crazy stuff ever happened as my lead guy managed the customer well.
We always controlled the Job site and the Customer.
I wasn't involved other than to set the baseline on the process initially and a few reality phone calls with the client.
As a company we were able to pull this job off by working as a team.
Teamwork is a good thing.

On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 5:44 PM, Eric - DGG <> wrote:
   Wow, impressive Stu.

Eric Lewis, Technical Mgr
West Chester, PA 19380

On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 4:10 PM, stuart rosen <> wrote:
This job was referred to us by another stone refinisher and good friend. Thank You
Prior to us a concrete polishing company had tried to refinish it but ended up coating the surface with lots of cheap acrylic coating.
It was a good job but somewhat challenging. The cove moldings were the crux.
We have had the opportunity to do a good amount of epoxy terrazzo floors-we have learned take nothing for granted!! 


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