Test the floor for a striped what will remove the sealer floor buffer and a brush use the black One. Pressure clean the floor low psi 800 .see how the floor looks after redo till sealer is gone. Clean grout with dry steam for good detail cleaning . Then move on to the next section do about 6*6 area at a time. After that set fans for drying. Test floor for dryness with a meter. Before and after cleaning .after floor is dry use a local sealer for that type of tile coat by hand and don't let sealer pool in low spots. Seal floor about 3 to 4, times.  Hope this helps. Hector Castillo

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Can anyone explain the process of stripping/cleaning/resealing this type of tile and the products you use on it? I have a client begging me to restore her's and is willing to let me experiment on it, so some direction on this would be appreciated


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