You should be able to go in and use a honing powder 400 grit to take off the shine. If the floor still has too much shine then use a 250 grit powder.

Make sure your customer understands that this floor will get dirty fast. The pores in the stone is now opened and will require cleanings from time to time.

Make sure the floor is sealed with an Impregnating / Penetrating sealer. If the floor is not sealed it could stain.


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Hi.  I have a client who has asked if we would remove the gloss from an office lobby floor, leaving the floor with a completely non glossy flat honed finish.  It is a Tennessee marble. We actually did work on a floor in this building a year ago and rendered a low gloss sheen, which came out very well. We cut the floor with diamonds from 50 up to 200 and then used a combination of 5x and honing powder.  In this case I would probably do the same thing and go with just a low grit honing powder.  I also believe this floor was crystallized.  Was wondering if anyone else has had a request like this and has a good approach (what diamonds to finish with, what grit honing powder etc.?)  Thanks so much. 


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