You may not have honed to a high enough grit or just over polished it because, from what I can see in the pictures, it appears to have "orange peeling".  Generally after it is already burnt, you have to re-hone to get a polish where you can see detail in the reflection.  To figure out how far down to re-hone i would test a small area.  There have been stones where I just used the last grit I worked with and spent a little more time and it worked because the stone was soft enough, where others I needed to go down and work my way back up again.  This is just my opinion based on what I think I see in the pictures.

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How did you do the work step by step?



Hector Castillo


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Hi to everyone,


I need help! Does anyone know how to polish this floor better than what I did? There are 4 different types of stones that polish out different do each other. How do I get all stones to polish out with the same detailed reflection?



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