My Puck and Pad review:

 Pucks in my experiences  we can only achieve a satin finish with those and you need to leave the puck on the foam backer - have a foam backer per step of diamonds - just leave diamonds on that backer don't remove. or the puck will break all up even if using a plastic putty knife and are careful to remove. I have a full set of pucks with backers for sale. Did three jobs with them and still look new but I don't care for them.

Cheetah pads our experience is about 40 % of the time you can achieve a high gloss if thats your goal, very nice satin finishes. We like them enough we purchased two sets so far. Keep in mind the 11000 monkey pad goes pretty fast. But we buy a stack of them and when the polishing slows we get a new 11000 monkey pad and polishing begins again.

Fun FYI:  I was told by my retailer I get my diamonds from for years - ?? Square Foot per Diamond Pad?? He mention they gather this information based on passes over the floor. Example if you are working a 1000 sqft floor and you do three passes over all areas with that set of diamonds you used 3000 sqft of the diamonds life. Like the 11,000 monkey pad I think they say its good for 5000 sqft but you do 6 or 7 passes per area on a 1,000 sqft floor. You may need 2 or 3 monkey 11,000 to complete 1000 sq ft

Hope this helps

On Nov 15, 2013, at 9:56 AM, Barry Raduta wrote:

howdy partners,
it seems that the cheetah puck dialogue has dropped off the face of the earth.  what's the latest news?  are they as good as advertised?  john, have you endorsed them?  i have a prospect getting a condo ready to sell and he has about 2000sf of travertine to be restored.  i gave him a standard proposal using several steps of resin diamond honing/ polishing etc.  because he is selling the unit, he wants the floors to look great, but not as great as if he was moving into the unit and he asked me to cut out some steps and lower the cost.  enter the cheetah pucks.  if it is true that one set of pucks accomplishes the same as several resin diamond steps, this is how I can meet the prospect's budget and my expectations for the floor.  Any comments are greatly appreciated.  Have a greaaaaaaaat day!
Thank You,
Barry V Raduta
Diamond Stone & Tile Care-South
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