We have a job coming up in December involving the refinishing of terrazzo tiles (cement) with a quartz and glass aggregate.
The stone is in a very busy dinning room that is mopped three times a day.
The white terrazzo is black with soil buildup and gets very worn(there is lippage).
We usually start with 50 metals and work up to 800 or 1500 and polish with an acidic polishing compound then we seal it .
Its a large floor and a slow process.
 Dana-I read in the last post regarding cheetah pucks that step 1 will take me from a 100 metal to a 400 resin all in one step. If that is the case can I use
step 2 and then powder polish.
Can I use the pucks on this material and cut my times down significantly.
can I use step 1 and 2 and then switch to resin diamonds and polish.
We can only do this work on weekends and we are always pressed for time. I am intrigued and curious if in working with the cheetahs would save us some time.
I am not sure if Dana will respond to this. The quartz aggregate makes the material quite hard to cut.
I would love to hear any feedback regarding this(the pucks) being a potential way to refinish this floor or not.

Stu Rosen