I am lipping a 4000sqft limestone floor. Some of the grout is so low that I need to fill, I want a perfectly smooth finish.  I have achieved this many times but many times the procedure failed. I measure all my quantities when I do my work either with measuring cups and even a scale to ensure a constant quality.


My best guess is that some products are modified at times with no warning on the labels so all of a sudden the powder doesn’t work the same way, the impregnator doesn’t penetrate or rub off the same way and the glues don’t dry or cut the same.  So one way to save us the hassle from now on, is to please, if you get in trouble with a product you have been using for a while, let us know through this medium.


Anyways back to my question.


I have been filing dipped grout lines after lipping a floors mostly with grout mixed with an additive and water. I usually wait 2 to 4 days before regrinding, sometimes I get a great monolithic finish, sometimes, the filling comes out when I powder.


Give me some input per favour!!



Marble Maestro