Its possible that you didn't completely remove the etches-Emperador is dolomitic and a bit harder to etch than other marbles.
However you would have seen the etches before you left.
I can tell you I have had similar experiences on rare occasions.
Its usually a customer who isn't quite the high end type of client we are used to.
They haven't owned marble before and until they found you had no idea why their vanity was etching or what it even was.
You know the type they themselves etched the surface and thought the installer or fabricator didn't seal it right.
Or they inherited these surfaces as they moved into a new home but hadn't had them before and didn't know that everything we use contains acids.
I think you have a case of chemistry and psychology.
If you removed all the etches for sure(going deep enough)-it is highly unlikely they have come back.
I have heard tell of so called ghost etches that just wont leave and an "etchorcist" had to be called in!!
Its more likely that you highly polished their tops and they have etched them again using products that contain acid.
Contact lens solutions seem to be a popular one.
Of course they don't want to have to pay you again and its possible they may even think the etches have reappeared .
Because this doesn't happen often and most folks are pretty reasonable I will go and check it out. We cut badly etched tops pretty deep to assure that as we move up in grits the etches are gone. So when I go back I know if they are new ones.
Anyway in most cases If it isn't too bad I just remove the etches for them and re-educate them.
Usually that does the trick!

On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 8:54 PM, Tony Warney <> wrote:
Had the same situation. Marble floor with efflorescence. Let the floor dry out and wipe it up with wet rag.

On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Jason Francis <> wrote:
Hi fellas,

Need some comments...I restored a dark emperador marble kitchen about 2-3 weeks ago. The white etch stains came out and the tops turned out beautiful. See attached. Customer called today saying white stains showed up that were not from her. Any thoughts on what caused this? The polish? Were some areas of the stone sensitive to the polish? And it could show up two weeks later? What's the fix?

Thanks in advance for your expertise.





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