I have 3 lavina machines and love them, though I just got a new husky pg820 this week and that's my new favorite!

John is right... It depends on what you are doing.  I have a 25-S direct drive and two older green ones. In my experience, the extra hp(like the 20NS) is only needed for concrete and surface prep, not really for much stone restoration. 

Overall lavinas are good versatile machines....

Jason Francis 

On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, Mike Marsoun wrote:

I really like my Klindex (samich) Hercules. 4 hp and variable speed which is nice, and reversible. 160kg.


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been running Lavinas for over 8 years...they have a 4 hp and a 7.5, , go with the 7.5 ..the thing with Lavina is they are passive driven, not super grinders..it all depends what your re trying to do. they are really good easy to use polishers..but not what you want for exposed aggregate grinding. pretty low maintenance..i would recommend the 25 inch one, its the one you can make money with. I just sold my 20 inch one that had 4 hp, it had become absolete, they changed all the diamonds to quick change so I couldn't get replacement diamonds  with out spending way too much money


On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 11:20 AM, John Freitag <jfreitag@thestoneandtileschool.com> wrote:



What are you looking for a machine to do? Concrete, marble ,terrazzo granite, lippage removal

Depending upon the job , size of job and the type of work you plan on doing would have an influence on the machine to use.



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