you should be able to clean off dry wall Spackle with the brush and some neutral cleaner.. If there are deep stains it may not work and you may have to use a mild acid wash..but test it first in a small area.

You have to be very careful with any sealers in an outdoor environment. The stone will have to be completely dry. Than you can apply a good impregnator. Typically though blue stone should not need to be sealed.

The efflorescence is coming from moisture, if you remove it it may come back.  You can use a mild acid wash to remove it.  Do not seal the stone if it has this problem,,it will make it worse if you do

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 5:17 PM, Don Kasch <> wrote:
I have a home here in SLC that has aprox 2700 ft of Blue stone on the first floor and outer deck. First is, Can I clean it with a malish brush and water to remove stains left by sloppy dry wallers and what type of sealer will work on it to repell water with out darking the stone ,and second the deck out side has efflorescence, what can I use to remove it with? what ype of sealer will work
Don Kasch
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