I would first try using an strong mix of alkaline based stripper and HOT water the hotter the better. Some enhancers are topical based other can be oil based.

The alkaline stripper should work.

Do you know want manufacturer supplied the enhancer? If you know the brand/ manufacturer they would probably know how to remove it.



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From: john jackson [mailto:kcstoneguy@yahoo.com]
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just guessing but I would try one of those dilimeolene  concrete cleaners...they will remove polyurethane, mastic, carpet glue...other than that I would say paint strippers



On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 1:44 PM, Perfect Marble 2 <dayron.padilla13@gmail.com> wrote:

Owner wants enhancer removed, we did not install it, installers no where to be found, don't know what enhancer was used or how many coats applied

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