I've been asked to provide the quote to restore about 5000 sq ft of terrazzo floor, out of which about 2000 sq ft is covered now with the carpet. Carpet's padding I was told, that originally wasn't glued but over the years maintenance guys glued in the perimeter edges, which I am sure discolored those areas. Carpet is held in place by the tacking wood strips that were nailed down. I am sure there will be significant damage to the terrazzo from those tack strips removal. I am also sure that there will be some cracking in that floor and some areas that used to be glass security door installed also need to be addressed. Unfortunately I can't fully inspect those under carpet areas until the project starts.

My questions are:
1. what wording do you use in your proposals or contracts to cover yourself from unexpected, additional repairs?
2. What is the process (never done full terrazzo replacement) and what is the cost to replace 13ft x 1 ft area?
3. Is there anything that I should be aware before I bid this job?

Adam Bartos
BiO Tile