Thanks all for the advice. Much appreciated! Steve

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The grinding time for onyx will be  about the same time for any marble. The first cut is the most important cut, you need to achieve a flat surface the time depends upon the lippage. are you removing 1/16 of an inch or are you removing 1/8 inch or less. The amount of lippage will determine the time. The first cut could take up to a minute per sq.ft. depending upon the lippage. once the floor is flat then you will only be removing prior scratches from the previous grit and the  then the time goes back to your normal time for those grits.

Don’t forget the time needed to do all the edge work, you will need to do all the edges by hand or have the work work removed and then there still will be hand work which is time consuming


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In terms of grinding time, does it take a lot longer to grind onyx than marble...I though onyx was much harder... trying to get an idea of how long it will take..thanks again,,! Steve

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Very easy to polish ! I like Stone Care Central 5 inch diamonds. they do not leave scratch patterns - then 5 X


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To everyone,
We are doing a restoration job for an entire apartment in Manhattan and they have a onyx vanity and sink in one of the bathroom which have become dull and needs some facelift .
They were originally polished, but across time and use they have lost their
sheen. I have no experience with onyx. Does it polish like marble? Is it
hard like granite? I haven't the slightest idea. Any experience out
there polishing this stone? 


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