When polishing a black vanity or any vanity top or table top etc. using 5X the process I use and teach is work in a 2 sq.ft. section ( the width of the vanity top X 1 foot.)

Apply approximately 1 teaspoon of 5x on the top . wet the surface spread the 5X polish over the 2 sq.ft. area then turn on your machine and polish . I never re-use the powder as the powder is used two thing occur. Once the water start to neutralize the 5X reusing the powder is not something I recommend.

Polish the 2 sq.ft. then remove the 5x polish. Neutralize the section just polish using a spray bottle with neutral cleaner and water move to the next section and repeat.

Once the surface is totally polished go back and clean the surface with neutral cleaner dry well allow the surface to dry. I then recommend you seal with a Solvent based sealer. Allow the sealer to penetrate for 5 minutes , remove the excess and then use a sheep skin bonnet with you hand machine set to a higher speed and buff off any residue. This will set the sealer into the stone.  I use Solvent based sealer as they will generally penetrate through any moisture that may not be totally dry from within the stone.

Just thought I give you some suggestion hope they help.



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Hello ..... I have a black marble vanity that is highly sensitive to 5x and difficult to polish without getting orange peel.any suggestions. Appreciated. Thanks in advance

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