When you say protecting, are you referring to stain issues?  
Here is my 2cents on Densifiers. I have worked with several of them when I used to polish concrete. They all say that they will dust proof the floor, they also say that it will harden the floor if applied correctly. With regards to stain (lithium based) once you apply finish polishing concrete the last step you would apply " protecter and then burnish it.
  But none of them say anything on application on natural stone.

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On May 29, 2014, at 12:44 AM, Ron Moore <rmoore@americanstonecare.com> wrote:


Second attempt starting this thread. Client installing 10,000 sf of Portuguese limestone. I don't have the name handy but it's definitely on the soft side. My clients question is what is the best densifyer or hardner and once applied is there anything further that we can do to protect it. The stone is a honed finish.

Your time and input is appreciated. Thanks.

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