What buffer is that

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i use the vortex maintenance  pads...never really liked them until i discovered they could be used under a swing buffer...i have a 400 rpm buffer and that really goes to town with the vortex I mostly just use the #1 amd #2...i use the #3 with a higher speed burnisherr

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Yes anytime-
I love old floors- you may want to consider running 3 inch electroplated 220 or 400 grit pads under your floor machine.
You can use 4-5 pads mounted on a 3 inch spacer wet.
You will get a nice cut-then you can move on to a resin diamond and finish with a vortex.
Or you can just use a vortex 120 black dot or a red dot which is 220 and take it up from there. 

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Stu, we are currently working in an old (111 year old floor). Don't want to cut the floor because of the historic nature of the floor. We did a test today using 400&800 grit pads wet. Then polished with 5x the went 1500&3000 dry. Created a nice soft finish with some decent shine. But the pads we used were the ones from stone care central. They are not very aggressive at the low end and I would like to use something with a little more cutting power on the low end just to get a little more smoothness-less texture. Maybe we can talk tomorrow. 


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We have tried them all-from monkey to klindex and beyond.
I like the Poly-pads plus,Spinflex pads in the 200 and 400 grit and Vortex pads.
All are excellent for honing applications. Poly and Vortex work ok on epoxy terrazzo when you burnish with the higher grits.
They are all different. The Poly pads plus are less aggressive than the vortex.
Spinflex are very aggressive and made for concrete- but I never used them on concrete
We seem to reach for the vortex more when it comes to travertine surfaces in kitchens or just those type of stones that are medium or high honed.
We found the advantage is you can replicate different finishes by going wet or dry starting with the number 1 pad.
Same with the polypads. Spinflex works well for knocking out picture frames and producing lower matte finishes.
They all are useless if you are trying to use them before polishing with a paste or powder.
The clarity is Non existent.
Our guys love them and they will increase productivity for sure. Same for the polypads. 
We sell them both but have been using them longer than we have sold them.
So you might take this as a bit biased review since we sell them all but please don't.
I think you will see similar reviews by anyone who has used them.

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