It almost looks as if the stone was dyed and the color is leaching out. (Fading) I wonder if that could be the root of the problem. Sadly every once in a while we come across doctored stone, and of course what should be a routine service becomes everything but.

Just an observation from the picture.

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.

On Aug 20, 2014 7:09 PM, "" <> wrote:
Hello partners I need some help to fix this problem, about a year ago I got a call to enhance an absolute black flamed granite wall. I did it and it looked great !!! About 8 months later the builder call me cause the wall looked really bad( white spots everywhere). So we when back strip it and re-enhance it it look good for a week the white came right back, so we decide to strip it and don't put enhancer anymore it looked gray and nice but two days later the spots came back. I checked the mouisture and it is good about 4% what can I do to fix this? The dark area is an Agee remover that I was trying!!

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