A few months ago we were called in to repair several areas of damage to a vertical application. It looked to me that someone with no knowledge of stone repairs had attempted to fill and sand several areas across a span of walls. I am including pictures for you to review. Before and after shots with two having the camera resting on the wall shooting up.

The repairs were completed and the projects moved on. These are the steps we took to repair the damaged areas:
1. We started with either 200, 400 grit resin depending on how bad the scratches were.
2. We progressed from the initial pass up through 200,400- 800-1,500 resin.
3. Blended with an 800 grit honing powder and 1,800 grit spinergy pad.

This eliminated the damaged areas and blended the finish with the surrounding stone. Let me just say that the walls have some shine. They are not completely polished but appear to have a finish some where in or around 800 grit.

Now it appears that at around 1pm in the afternoon, late summer that the sunlight coming in the building shows some variation in the stone finish. They have some shine (more than they desire) along some joints and a few patchy areas of higher shine across the entire area. Our last visit had our crew cleaning and using the 800 grit honing powder from top to bottom to attempt to give them an even finish across the board. We have been over this area a total of 4 times. I have explained that a 400 grit is too low and that this is what they purchased. Any advice would be welcome. The stone supplier DalTile has already paid us the value of the stone twice over. They are done throwing money at this. Thanks.

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.