The name escapes me however it appears to be a material exactly like a limestone we worked on last year. The stone has almost a wood grain look to it. It was very soft and our solution to remove light scratching and etches were the spinergy pads. We started with the 1,800 grit (purple dot) pre polishing pad. Then we followed that with the 3,000 grit (blue dot) and finally finished with the 8,000 grit (Yellow dot) for a high clear shine. It's important to note that the grits on the spinergy pads does not translate from our standard resin disks etc. We sealed with Stone Tech "Bullet Proof".
Good luck.

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.

On Jan 17, 2015 4:09 PM, "Tony Warney" <> wrote:

‚ÄčThis tile looks like a gray travertine. It etches and adsorbs water like limestone. When even a neutral ph product is used to scrub a spot it can leave a etch mark. Does any one have any ideas ¬†as to what it is and what could I do to fix the etch areas?
Thanks Tony

Tony Warney
Excel Stone and Tile Care
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