I haven't been able to place a clear figure on that question.
It seems some get the basics very quickly and can be trained for more advanced skills.
While others never really grasp it.
Seems the ones who are trainable have great attitudes,mechanical ability, natural sales ability, and the uncanny need to finish something they started.(passion)
The ones that pass through have been good folks but we're short of some of the above qualities.
I have been lucky enough to find a couple of crews of experienced techs who we have been able to retrain using our techniques and standards.
I took some years to put these guys together but has been well worth the time.

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On Jan 24, 2015, at 9:09 AM, Pat Staples <cpstaples@msn.com> wrote:

Good morning everybody,
I know everybody has had their fair share of employees that either work out or don't.
I know there are variables with different type of stones but I am talking about the basics.
My question is, how long is it usually taking for an employee to catch on to this kind of work.
Thank you
Carl Staples
Classic Marble & Stone Restoration
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