I'm not familiar with the hydroshield. Sounds to good to be true. I have a small portion of business that is going in to remove the ones that were "to good to be true" and replacing with Stone Tech. As far as the guarantee,  tell him you'll do it as long as he guarantees no one lives there for 5 years. Other than that, I think you handled it perfectly. I know we are all in this to make money, however peace of mind is also important. When you hear rediculous claims or demands, walk away. Be sure to do it with a smile,  but thank them,  wish them luck and be sure to leave a card as the odds are they will need you down the road.

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.

On Feb 12, 2015 8:06 AM, "Randy Frye" <rfrye@comcast.net> wrote:
Hello Brother and Sisters in Stone:

I was asked yesterday to bid a 3,000 sq ft New Home home with just installed pure white marble. The gentlemen wanted to have a guarantee for a least 5 yrs that the stone would not stain. I’m thinking no way. I won’t have any proof of how long after they spill something they will wipe up or how they may maintain the floor with heavy water mopping.  (Side Note: Lately while doing lots of commercial account these janitorial firms are just about flooding the floor with mop water during their mopping).

So he tells me about this franchise Hydroshield that will do this 5 yr guarantee. He also said the iron in the stone would not oxide and cause discoloration over time from mopping. The cost was $3.75 per sq ft. 

Have any of you gotten any information on this company or product? I told the man to go for that but check the fine print on the guarantee. 



Randy, CEI Surface Pros
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