The voice of Stone and Tile PROs, George Sarris (does voiceover work for STP PRO vids) emailed me this question. I’m hoping maybe one of you guys has the answer. Here’s his email:


     I'm not sure you can help me with this, but I thought I would ask since you work with a stone and tile company.  

     My wife and I are remodeling our kitchen, and we were thinking about using some Delft tiles for the backsplash under the cupboards and over the range.  Our home was built in 1773, and those would fit in with the historical nature of the house.  We were given the name of H & R Johnson Tiles, Ltd in the UK.  They have a line of Minton Hollins Classical tiles, although the selection is quite limited.

     Would you or someone at your company have any helpful information on where I could find Delf tiles, and the best way to go about purchasing them?  

     God bless,