For countertops?  There is Clearseal and Vitramela. There is a guy here that has an epoxy, it is new, very much like Clearseal, but there are no fumes, Clearseal is a polyester resin.  

I have been wondering if there is a solution somewhere short of these 1-2mm thick coatings that need to be sanded and polished and are very expensive for the customer. Like a high tech abrasion resistant strippable (or not) urethane.  I have a message into Katrine at RJSC and wondering if they have a solution with some of their newer products, like Stonehardener 2 perhaps.  

I know this is not ideal, but a lot of people don’t want to pay the $400m2 to do the thick coatings and there should be an alternative.

There is also a film that is applied like a window tint, easy to replace on an annual basis.

On 26 Feb 2015, at 10:56 am, Tony Warney <> wrote:

I know this has been discussed before. Who is using any type of protectants for marble that prevents etching?

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