Found this cool looking terrazzo in nyc.
If you look closely it has a smittering(for lack of a better word) of Italian black-yellow sienna, verde, rosso levanto chips in mostly china white aggregate.
The pour is wall to wall-no divider strips-very slight cracks-
It was buried under ceramic tiles for as long as anyone can tell-
The pock marks, chips and holes are new-created when the contractors removed the tile.
Until the architect stopped in-
The matrix is just Portland-no color.
I think this floor is quite old-in person it looks way better than the picture.
I think this floor was poured 1920 or earlier.
Would anyone know?
After the mortar was removed that was was left
The patch you see is all with sandpaper and genesis pads used dry.
The first cut was 28 grit sandpaper up to 220 genesis and a 400 DIP(the dip was used wet)

Stu Rosen